Suomi-Ukraina Maanpuolustusyhdistys ry

Фінсько-Українська асоціація національної оборони

Finland-Ukraine National Defence Association

The Finland-Ukraine National Defense Association is the only organization in Finland that specializes in supplying tactical supplies and protective equipment to Ukrainian local forces, special forces, snipers and scouts, mainly in the Kharkiv region. We help Finnish instructors and legionnaires in Ukraine, by collecting the equipment and cars they need, helping them get to the place of service they want, and transporting to Finland for treatment in case of injury.

We have taken to the front field uniforms, bulletproof and combat vests, helmets, military radios, binoculars, red dot and thermal sights, terrain shoes, camouflage nets, drones, wool socks, etc., fed up with the authorities' inaction, we were the first to bring a dozen wounded special unit soldiers from Kharkiv, 3 Finnish Legionnaires and dozens refugee families. We have also helped Ukrainian companies to get their products on sale in Finland, as well as started numerous arms and construction industry projects that help Ukrainians and employ Finns.

We always operate operatively and take the supplies by the most direct and fastest route, even to the front line.

Our team is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that Ukraine wins the war.

Everyone who feels our values ​​as their own - welcome to join our association.

We are currently collecting the following supplies for Ukraine:

Cars, trucks and minibuses

Tactical first aid kits and tourniquets

Radios with speech encryption

Binocular sights, thermal binoculars / night sights, red dot sights

Tactical safety vest -IV and higher class

Military helmets

Knee pads

Dry and wet food

From the Hämeenlinna SA store:

M62 camo suits and suspenders

Military surgical instruments

Camouflage nets Mob: +358 40 563 7805   Id-number: 3278209-4